Would You Like to Have a Custom Storage Shed?

Hire our team in Troy, TX to build you one

If you want to quit paying a monthly rental fee for a storage unit, hire Faithful Structures of Troy, TX to build a shed in your backyard. A fully custom storage shed might cost less than you think. Call 254-913-3746 or 254-421-5162 to request a free estimate.

No assembly required - for you, that is!

Our storage shed builders use high-quality sheet metal, treated lumber and waterproofing materials to build sheds that last. When you hire us to build your custom storage shed, you won't have to:

  • Rely on an architect, a site inspector or anyone else for help
  • Make sure the doors, floors and windows are level
  • Install shelving and vents
  • Seal all the seams
You can either get your fully built shed delivered to your location, or have it assembled on-site. Reach out today to hire a storage shed builder in Troy, Texas.